Your Eyes


{C}Your eyes{Am}, warm summer {Em}skies,

Have {F}held {G}me in their {C}light,

Have {F}moved me like a {G}hawk in open {C}flight.

So now youíre {Am}gone, Iíve also {Em}gone,

Lost {F}drowning in the {G}sunbeams of your {C}eyes.


Your mouth{Am}, warm summer {Em}south,

Where {F}I{G} still dream to {C}be,

Moved {F}me with pleasures {G}of a washing {C}sea.

But now youíre {Am}gone, and I am {Em}gone,

A{F}drift outside the {G}ocean of your {C}mouth.


Your hands {Am}, rain on cool {Em}sands,

Your {F}fingers,{G} touched my {C}soul,

{F}Like a sunny {G}Sundayís church bell {C}toll.

But now a{Am}lone, I lie a{Em}lone,

With{F}out the lifting {G}grace of your small {C}hands.


Your feet,{Am} deep in cool {Em}sheets,

Or {F}damp{G} in dewy {C}grass,

Taught {F}me the dance I {G}thought would always {C}last.

Now Iím a{Am}lone, no dance a{Em}lone.

The {F}dance was sweet de{G}light beneath your {C}feet.


My {F}time with you was {G}blinding piercing {C}bright.

Now {F}I am lost in {G}brooding dark and {C}doubt.

{F}Nothing I can {G}dream can be so {C}sweet.

The {F}skies and seas, the {G}sun and dew, your {C}eyes.

{Repeat final verse, then melody of final verse.}