What Can I Put in a Song?


{D}Sometimes I dont {G}know if were {A7}telling the {D}truth

About {G}glory of {A7}war and the {Bm}sweetness of love,

About {G}clouds and the {A7}sky and the {Bm}sun up above,

About {G}colors of {A7}flowers or {Bm}peace in a dove.

So {G}what can I {A7}put in a {D}song?


Sometimes I dont {G}know if were {A7}telling the {D}truth,

When were {G}grinning with {A7}glee when we {Bm}know that were wrong,

When our {G}anger or {A7}hatred has {Bm}pushed us along,

When we {G}wish every{A7}one would just {Bm}leave us alone.

So {G}what can I {A7}put in a {D}song?


But sometimes I {G}know were not {A7}telling the {D}truth,

If we {G}call people {A7}beasts for what {Bm}no beast would do,

If to {G}seem to be {A7}wise we {Bm}call others fools,

If our {G}ignorance {A7}keeps us from {Bm}going to school.

Why {G}would I put {A7}that in a {D}song?


And sometimes I {G}know we are {A7} telling the {D}truth.

Then our {G}eyes open {A7}up to the {Bm}light in the sky.

Then our {G}hearts fill our {A7}throats with a {Bm}joy that cant lie.

Then we {G}see in our {A7}life that {Bm}nothing can die.

It is {G}this that be{A7}longs in a {D}song.


So, when I dont {G}know if Im {A7}telling the {D}truth,

I {G}try to stop {A7}trying to {Bm}think how I feel.

I {G}look for clear {A7}light to {Bm}see what is real.

I re{G}member the {A7}sparrows and the {Bm}lilies of the field,

And I {G}let my heart {A7}beat with the {D}song.


Let {G}heart be the {A7}heart of the {D}song.