We'll Be the Song


{D}This world is a mystery, a {G}sunrise on a {A7}starry night of {D}dreams.

This life is a {G}fanta{A7}sy, a {G}leaf afloat u{A7}pon a mountain {D}stream,

A {G}flight of bees be{A7}neath the trees

Be{G}side the sea caught {A7}in the breeze of {D}time,

Caught {G}in the {A7}breeze of {D}time.

If {G}you will come and {A7}join me in the {D}dance, {G}we will {A7}write the {D}song.


So why all this misery, this {G}sickness, death and {A7}scattered broken {D}dreams?

Why make it a {G}rival{A7}ry, a {G}fight to drown the {A7}others in the {D}stream,

To {G}wield and wend a {A7}knife to send

{G}Wounds that rend and {A7}hardly mend with {D}time,

And {G}hardly {A7}mend with {D}time?

If {G}you will help me {A7}learn a better {D}dance, {G}we will {A7}sing the {D}song.


You are all the {G}world to {A7}me:

A {G}light that beams through {A7}all the seams of {D}dreams.

You’re more than I {G}dreamed you’d {A7}be:

The {G}light on pebbles {A7}cool beneath a {D}stream,

A {G}bird that files the {A7}open skies

And {G}never dies and {A7}never cries the {D}time,

And {G}never {A7}cries the {D}time.


If {G}we can keep the {A7}dawn in Shiva’s {D}dance,

{G}we will {A7}be the {D}song.