{D}Walking.  We were walking.

Cheryl {G}Lynn and I a{A7}long a country {D}lane.

Talking.  We were talking.

Her {G}voice was like the {A7}earth beneath spring {D}rain.

In {G}fallow fields, the {A7}dandelions {D}gave the grass a {Bm}smile,

And {G}Cheryl Lynn was {A7}grinning all the {D}while.


Dancing.  We were dancing.

With {G}daisies light be{A7}neath a summer {D}sun.

Singing.  We were singing.

The {G}flowers’ colored {A7}motion set the {D}tune.

In {G}open fields, {A7}Cheryl Lynn {D}gave the grass a {Bm}smile,

And, {G}yes, she was still {A7}grinning all the {D}while.


Sleeping.  We were sleeping,

In {G}colored leaves be{A7}neath an autumn {D}tree.

Dreaming.  We were dreaming.

Of {G}ships with sails u{A7}pon an autumn {D}sea.

Her {G}breath was giving {A7}all the sails their {D}motion all the {Bm}while

And {G}all the leaves the {A7}life within her {D}smile.