True Blue


{G}True blue, she said, my {A7}love shall be,

If {D7}ever now one {G}shall have me.

True blue she said, {A7}clear as the sky,

Or {D7}I shall love no {G}more.


I {G}listened then, her {A7}lonely sigh.

Her {D7}round sad mouth did {G}catch my eye.

I listened then, and, {A7}even more,

I {D7}felt her love, you {G}see.


But {G}life is like a {A7}closing door,

{D7}Shifting sand as {G}from a shore.

Yes, life is like a {A7}washing sea,

A {D7}vision, then good{G}bye.


So {G}now Iím tangled {A7}in this tree,

{D7}Lost in fears and {G}wasted glee.

So have I missed her {A7}passing bye,

Her {D7}brown eyes earthís bright {G}core?


Or {G}can I find and {A7}keep her now,

My {D7}loving {G}Cheryl Lynn?

Or will she find and {A7}keep me now?

I {D7}love you, Cheryl {G}Lynn.