This Girl


{C}This night, this starry {Am}night,

Breaks {F}slowly toward the {G}rosy fingered {C}dawn.

These stars, these shining {Am}stars,

{F}Guide us on a {G}way we canít find {C}wrong.

The {F}cool moon turns its {G}face to our slow {C}stroll,

As it {F}turns the tides and {G}makes the oceans {C}roll.

This {F}girl,{G} this starry {C}girl,

This {F}crazy little {G}girl lights up my {C}world.

{F}{G}This {C}girl.


This day, this sunny {Am}day,

Finds {F}us as flowers {G}bloomed before the {C}dark.

This sun, this shining {Am}sun,

{F}Hides the stars be{G}yond its single {C}spark.

The {F}blue sky glows from {G}silver clouds be{C}low,

And {F}tells me that thereís {G}little left to {C}know.

This {F}girl,{G} this sunny {C}girl,

This {F}crazy little {G}girl lights up my {C}world.

{F}{G}This {C}girl.


This girl, this dancing {Am}girl,

{F}Shines like pebbles {G}cool beneath a {C}stream.

This blaze, this dancing {Am}blaze,

{F}Glows like lightning {G}through an undreamt {C}dream,

Gives {F}light and life that {G}I canít think will {C}end,

Gives {F}night and day the {G}healing of a {C}friend.

This {F}girl,{G} this crazy {C}girl,

This {F}blazing dancing {G}girl lights up my {C}world.

{F}{G}This {C}girl.