{Em}I donít know what to {Am}do with all this {B7}history in my {Em}mind,

That they feed me in the {Am}school, that makes me {B7}feel so left be{Em}hind.

{Am}Jesus, Ghengis {Em}Khan, {Am}they had all the {Em}fun,

While I just sit in the {Am}here and now, {B7}some accountantís {Em}son.

{Am}History.  My {B7}car wonít {Am}drive that {Em}far.


Achilles fought the {Am}Trojans over {B7}Helen, they told {Em}me.

She must have been a {Am}babe, to float an {B7}army across a {Em}sea.

{Am}Caesar crossed the {Em}Rubicon.  {Am}He had all the {Em}fun,

While Iím just stuck in the {Am}here and now.  My {B7}car wonít even {Em}run.

{Am}History.  Long a{B7}go and {Am}too damned {Em}far.


Joan of {Am}Arc, Charle{Em}magne,

Rode their {Am}horses across the {B7}continental {Em}plain.

I sit {Am}here, in my ga{Em}rage.  My {Am}mom says I should {B7}stay out of the {Em}rain.

{Am}History.  When {B7}I grow up, Iím {Am}going to the {Em}bar.


I donít know what to {Am}do with all this {B7}history in my {Em}mind.

Every way I {Am}add it up, I {B7}still feel left be{Em}hind.

{Am}They say itís in the {Em}past, {Am}that all is said and {Em}done.

So why do I have a {Am}ring in my nose like {B7}some Attila {Em}Hun?

{Am}History.  Hitch my {B7}car up {Am}to that {Em}star.


All the generals and {Am}saints got to {B7}wear those far out {Em}clothes.

I thought I was {Am}going to be shot for {B7}putting this ring in my {Em}nose.

{Am}They got to kill and {Em}maim to {Am}earn their famous {Em}names,

Or live in the woods eating {Am}berries for food without {B7}counting vita{Em}mins.

{Am}History.  Wasnít {B7}Patton a {Am}movie {Em}star?


I donít {Am}know, but I know {Em}this:

I donít {Am}care (Why should I {B7}care?) about the {Em}rain.

I can ride a {Am}horse and freeze my {Em}ass with the {Am}best of {B7}any of {Em}them.

{Am}History.  If I {B7}had an ID, Iíd {Am}go down to the {Em}bar.


{Am}Antipopes in {Em}Avignon {Am}drag the Church into {Em}interregnum.

Some {Am}Frenchies bring a {Em}kingdom down, {Am}storming a prison, {Em}taking the town.

Some {Am}Einstein builds an {Em}atom bomb to {Am}blow the earth to {Em}kingdom come.

So {Am}whatís left to do for an ac{Em}countantís son,

Who {B7}canít even {Am}buy a {Em}gun, whoís {B7}car wonít {Am}even {Em}run?

{Am}History?  Go to the {B7}bar.  {Am}Be a rock {Em}star.


{Am}Go to the bar.  {Em}Be a rock star.  {Am}Go to the bar.  {Em}Be a rock star.

{Am}Rings on my fingers, {Em}bells on my toes.  {Am}Whatíll I do with this {Em}ring in my nose?

{Am}Go to the bar.  {Em}Be a rock star.  {Am}Rip up the bar.  {Em}Be a rock star.

{Am}Dance on the bar.  {Em}Be a rock star.  {Am}Drive my car.  {Em}Be a rock star.

Is it too damned {Am}far to {B7}be a rock {Em}star?


{Am}History.{B7}  Blow it up, baby.{Em}

{Am}History.{B7}  Head for the big crackup.{Em}