If a Six-pack Can Get Me That High


{C}All alone in this sad life of strangers,

I sit looking up at the {G}sky,

{C}Hoping to bring down an {F}angel from {C}there,

If a six-pack can {G}get me that {C}high.


As the rivers roll out to the ocean,

I sit looking out at the {G}sea,

{C}Hoping this wet life Iím {F}living in {C}bars

Will bring back a {G}mermaid to {C}me.


Sometimes I drink Irish whiskey

And dream of green hills far a{G}way

And {C}of a fair maiden {F}named Lore{C}lei.

Do you think I will {G}get there some{C}day?


In a bar, I stare out through the doorway,

At a street full of folks passing {G}by,

{C}Hoping a lone star of {F}Texas in {C}shorts

Will walk in to the {G}stool by my side.


But now I just turned to the barmaid

And saw the deep blue of her {G}eyes

And her {C}hair blowing lightly from the {F}fan by the {C}door,

And I thought, why not {G}give her a {C}try,


If a six-pack can {G}get me that {C}high.